UPVC is the material used in Germany for windows. For its value and its high thermal insulation, UPVC is often the preferred choice for windows.
Windows contribute significantly to the image and character of your home. They are not the only decoration, but also have a significant impact on the general welfare of their own four walls. Windows affect the atmosphere of the entire room. The value of your home is enhanced by high quality windows. The factor of “architecture” window gives the object an optical center.
We offer a wide range of materials, systems, designs and colors. Thanks to advanced technology, the commitments to the light and heat insulation, appearance and design of the past. Our window systems combine quality, design and innovation in an almost unlimited range, and today already meet the demands of tomorrow. Sophisticated technology is the basis of all relevant factors, such as energy savings, safety, noise and heat protection, not less care and maintenance. Give your living room a special atmosphere and enjoy the comfort of high quality UPVC window systems.