U-PVC is...

  • the building material of the future: its many benefits allow U-PVC to meet the stringent requirement of modern windows. It is also very economical. 
  • durable and reliable: the high quality surface finish lasts throughout the entire useful life of the product, U-PVC has an impressively high level of durability, UV and weather resistance. Quality assurance in accordance with RAL-GZ 716/1. 
  • low maintenance: U-PVC windows offer you decades of efficient use, without the cost and effort of repeated maintenance. 
  • versatile: U-PVC can be fabricated very easily. The systems can be used to meet all requirements for renovation and new-build projects. U-PVC can be used in any shape or colour and for any function. 
  • a material for design: using state-of-the-art production processes, virtually all design requirements can be fulfilled. Different styles or the combination of U-PVC with other modern materials offer the greatest possible creative design freedom. 
  • non-flammable: U-PVC has low flammability and is self-extinguishing, in accordance with DIN 4102, class B1. 
  • thermally insulated: the minimum thermal conductivity or U-PVC, together with the tried and tested hollow chamber technology, guarantees optimum thermal insulation for new U-PVC window systems. The secret of highly thermally insulated window systems is the combination of the profile depth, together with the number, size and design of the air chambers. 
  • energy-saving: the high thermal insulation of the window profile systems helps to reduce heat loss and to conserve natural resources. U-PVC becomes more economical each time it is recycled. 
  • stable: the large dimensions of the reinforcing chambers guarantee maximum reinforcement of the U-PVC profiles for the best structural properties. 
  • secure: a high degree of burglar resistance when used in conjunction with special fittings. 
  • ecologically harmless: and does not damage the environment. The versatility of U-PVC and its recycling process make a worthwhile contribution to conserving resources.