wood windows

Wood lives, wood breaths

Wooden windows have stood the test of centuries and have a long tradition.
With a good selection of material and careful processing of wood is still the best window material.
Wood is due to its good thermal insulation, its natural diversity and good workability of the most beautiful and fascinating material for windows. Wooden windows have proven long centuries in the window and therefore have a long tradition. Obviously, nature provides the best material because wood is a living material. With wooden windows of the creative imagination knows no limits, because wood offers the opportunity to make frames and window shapes profiling of any kind. Therefore, a wooden box is so constructed that it customized to the wishes of the residents received and is adapted to the object-specific requirements such as opening wall, fence and training division. The color design options of wood windows are inexhaustible. Finally, not only plays the role in the selection of the windows play an important role, but the impression they convey. If the window but the interior fit as well as the exterior of the house. In addition, they provide a homely atmosphere. The processed wood species are also considered in the Canary Islands without use.